Metalring - Specialized manufacturer of Ring Joint Metal Gasket


Metalring Component-manufacturer and Commercial Ltd was founded in May, 2001 as a family enterprise. At the outset, our enterprise has only undertaken machine-made cutting of metal components. The professional experience of 35 years was a solid basis for launching our enterprise. The company was hiring only one workshop first. A few months later the company had the opportunity to buy that workshop.

Our enterprise managed to get the second workshop in 2002, which gave our company the possibility to enrich the variety of machines, which our company has been extending since then. At the moment there are more than 50 machines at our service. Furthermore, a great number of our machinery is CNC controlled.

Since the needs of our customers are very important for us, it was necessary to establish and later to develop a new locksmith’s workshop. Our enterprise bought the first optical torch cutting machine and then a plasma cutting machine in 2004. Nowadays the company owns 3 halls with a territory of more than 1500 square meters altogether, and have an available area of about 3000 square meters. The company exports a significant amount of its products by the contribution of other Hungarian companies, although a considerable amount of our products are made for domestic users. It was always important for us to serve our partners at the highest level, so we are increasing the number of our employees and reaching maximum quality.

In 2009 our company succeeded in getting the certification of EMI TÜV quality control system to cut flanges and fittings.The company has a good interrelation with its suppliers, so we can buy raw materials at a competitive price, therefore we can sell our products at a competitive price, too. Our team is highly qualified, adaptable, and able to solve every task. Nothing is impossible for us, whether a new product or a complete renewal is needed.We are concerned about developing our technologies so that our customers can get a perfect product with the shortest possible deadline.